Where we came from.

Born out of a desire for simplicity in a sea full of complexity, the journey of how Occupop was born is likely your story, too.

Hi there - I’m Caroline Gleeson, Occupop Co-Founder

People often ask me why we built Occupop. A happy intersection of the functionality and scope of a robust ATS system married with a simple, easy to use way to track complex hiring processes and manage candidates effectively — all without much training.

That’s why we built Occupop — we believe that recruitment can be distilled down into its simpler elements, easy to use and accessible to everyone at work.

While there are many good, robust recruitment software products on the market today, many are complex, require comprehensive training and none support the hiring needs of small and medium businesses —which is a cost sensitive, comprehensive solution that is so simple to use, almost anyone can jump in and use it.

We believe that solving that is critical for small and medium businesses in particular.

Caroline Gleeson
Co-founder & CEO

We’re here for the Fortune 1,000,000

Most big software companies fight over the Fortune 100. The big players, the thousand-seat contracts, the enterprise level deals.

They can have them.

For over 7 years and running, we’ve kept our company small, sharp and laser focused — intentionally. We’re here for the Fortune 1,000,000. The small and mid-sized businesses of our world, the start-ups, the growing businesses, the scaleups, the businesses that do the hard work, not the most work.

Have 2-3 employees on your recruitment team? We’d be honoured to have you as a customer. Just you on your own? We’re here for you. Got 10+ HR folks and growing? Great, we’d love to have you, and grow with you.

Because small is not less than. It's faster than. It's friendlier than. It's warmer than. It’s more than.

Lessons from the SMB trenches

As a small-mid sized business, you don’t get to risk or lose money like the behemoths. Instead, you have to make it work. That means, rolling up your sleeves and doing the great work that small organisations must do to survive, thrive, and stand out. Occupop is here to help you with that.

We offer a refreshingly simple yet innovative product paired with a unique SMB focused perspective and outstanding customer service  — the best combo in the business for growing businesses. Check out these before and after stories and our case studies.

We’re in your corner

We don’t have to juice numbers to move stock prices or bombard you with upsells to hit revenue targets. We’re proud to be a female-led, independent, responsible, self-sufficient company focused on making a great product for our SMB customers — just like you are.

An investment in Occupop is investing in you, your team, and your organisation. You in the foreground, us in the background — together we’ll show them the power of small.

Thanks for reading, and for giving Occupop a try. You can always contact me directly if you have any questions at david@occupop.com.

David Banaghan
Co-founder & Head of Customer Success

Why choose Occupop?

We asked our customers what hiring life was like before Occupop. And how it’s improved after switching to Occupop. Hundreds replied. Wow, what an impact.
We no longer have to wait a week or more for answers to our questions like we did with Workable. Instead, we receive a response from the team within hours to our queries. As a customer, we feel taken care of.
Connor C
HR Director, Financial Services
It has been the best thing I have brought into my company, it made me a hero! It cut the role of recruitment in half. It's professional ,easy and interactive and I honestly could not be without it in my role.
Elaine P.
HR Manager in Ireland Pharmaceuticals, 201–500Employees
Occupop has completely changed my working day. To give a sense of time savings, it has saved me at least 1
Áine Clarke
HR  Manager, PREM Group
It gives us that one stop shop where we go to for all our recruitment, everything is now all in one place. I have a birds eye view of our entire recruitment.
Kevin Kelly
HR Manager, CareChoice
It gives us that ‘professional image’ and good candidate experience that is so important to us on the market.
Geoff Ballard
HOR, Indigo
“There's nothing more usable nor comprehensive in the recruitment scene. The usability of the system is second to none. The dashboards are informative, the navigation structure is sensible.
Mervin G
CEO, Media
Since taking on Occupop, we have improved every aspect of our recruitment process. The hotel has really benefited as the candidates we’ve hired through the platform have been consistently excellent.
Pamela Murphy
HR Manager, Lyrath Estate

Are we a good fit?

Lots of people love us, but we’re not right for everyone.

We’re a great fit if

You believe that humans should hire humans—that great tools and AI should inform the process, but humans make the final decision.
You appreciate simplicity and ease of use. You know anyone on your team can jump in and use the software, no matter their level of technical experience and with little training.
You believe that direct hiring is the most valuable recruitment channel, and while some external recruiters may be needed, you wish to minimise this.
You want a best-in-class recruitment software that easily integrates with other great tools on the market.
You want to consistently hire the best people and build the best teams.
You hire in volume and have at least 5 active jobs at any one time.
You value timely answers to your queries, with humans- not robots! We respond to all queries within 24 hours, consistently.

We’re not right for you if

You’re looking for an HRIS, rather than a best-in-class recruitment software that integrates with your HRIS (Occupop).
You love complex software, appreciate all the bells and whistles when it comes to functionality and reporting. With this, you know lengthy staff training is expected and required.
You want to buy the cheapest ATS on the market (we’re cost effective for SMB teams, but there are cheaper solutions out there—with good reason).
You’re a recruitment agency looking for a tool to help you manage your candidates and clients. We’re built for in-house recruitment teams.
You want AI to decide who you should hire, automatically, without your input.
Occupop is a beautifully simple recruitment software, built for small and mid-sized businesses.
Job Posting Engine
Job Posting Engine
With one click, post your job to multiple free, discounted and premium job boards.
Talent Pools
Talent Pools
Seamlessly track candidates through our database and candidate tagging features.
Smart Screening
Smart Screening
Custom application forms with smart questions and A.I. powered CV screening.
Candidate Automation
Candidate Automation
Streamline the entire hiring process with interview scheduling and email templates.
Team Collaboration
Team Collaboration
Communicate easily through hiring manager review and interview scorecards.
Take control of your hiring process with real-time reports, analytics and insights.
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Hiring can be easy.
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