Night & day.

We asked our customers what hiring life was like before Occupop. And how it’s improved after switching to Occupop. Hundreds replied. Wow, what an impact.

Before switching to Occupop

Our customers tried multiple tools as part of their hiring process before switching to Occupop; email, spreadsheets, premium job boards, Trello, Slack, complex ATS systems, stickies on a wall, meeting after meeting, etc.
“I felt like I was always behind. And, so were my people. I couldn’t get a true handle on anything.”
Áine Clarke
HR Operations Manager, PREM Group
“I was inundated with emails — I used to get a million emails from managers asking the same things about each candidate.
Jessie Angulo
HR and OPS, Habitat for Humanity
“As a busy founder, I had to wear a lot of hats, but I was spending far too much time logging in and out of job boards, copying and pasting job specs. It was a disaster.”
Dean Gyorgy
Founder, Hero Media Network
“The system we had was far too complicated, sluggish and clunky, it had too many features when you only really need a few done well.
Alex Rose
TA Business Partner, Ainscough
It felt like I had a million balls juggling… not sure which one would drop. We juggled multiple different email inboxes, files were saved locally, on multiple versions of spreadsheets, with no central place to store CV’s. It was so easy to lose track as conversations got lost in the back and fourth.
Kevin Kelly
HR Manager, CareChoice
“My company used Candidate Manager before we switched over to Occupop. It was a nightmare. So difficult to understand and use.”
Ailbhe Gleeson
HR, Boylesports
“Recruitment was a real mess before Occupop. We had issues such as same person coming in twice for interviews, we had an ATS but nobody used it found it much too cumbersome.
Lisa Roche
HR Manager, Pre Pay Power
I had a hard time keeping the hiring team on track with their to-do items — items frequently fell through the cracks because of missed communication.
Geoff Ballard
Global Head of Recruitment,Indigo Telecom
I have a number of different functions in HR, but recruitment was taking up all of my time
Carol Mooney
HR Manager, Best Drive

After switching to Occupop

Things changed for the better once they switched to Occupop. 9 out of 10 Occupop customers report having a better handle on their recruitment almost immediately, 8 out of 10 have lower recruitment costs, and customers have seen an 86% reduction in recruitment admin.
We no longer have to wait a week or more for answers to our questions like we did with Workable. Instead, we receive a response from the team within hours to our queries. As a customer, we feel taken care of.
Connor C
HR Director, Financial Services
It has been the best thing I have brought into my Company, it made me a hero! It cut the role of recruitment in half. It's professional ,easy and interactive and I honestly could not be without it in my role.
Elaine P.
HR Manager in Ireland Pharmaceuticals, 201–500Employees
Occupop has completely changed my working day. To give a sense of time savings, it has saved me at least 20 hours per week.
Áine Clarke
HR  Manager, PREM Group
It gives us that one stop shop where we go to for all our recruitment, everything is now all in one place. I have a birds eye view of our entire recruitment.
Kevin Kelly
HR Manager, CareChoice
It gives us that ‘professional image’ and good candidate experience that is so important to us on the market.
Geoff Ballard
HOR, Indigo
“There's nothing more usable nor comprehensive in the recruitment scene. The usability of the system is second to none. The dashboards are informative, the navigation structure is sensible.
Mervin G
CEO, Media
Since taking on Occupop, we have improved every aspect of our recruitment process. The hotel has really benefited as the candidates we’ve hired through the platform have been consistently excellent.
Pamela Murphy
HR Manager, Lyrath Estate

Read our Case Studies

We’ve got more in-depth case studies right here. Read them, or try Occupop and see the difference for yourself.
Occupop is a beautifully simple recruitment software, built for small and mid-sized businesses.
Job Posting Engine
Job Posting Engine
With one click, post your job to multiple free, discounted and premium job boards.
Talent Pools
Talent Pools
Seamlessly track candidates through our database and candidate tagging features.
Smart Screening
Smart Screening
Custom application forms with smart questions and A.I. powered CV screening.
Candidate Automation
Candidate Automation
Streamline the entire hiring process with interview scheduling and email templates.
Team Collaboration
Team Collaboration
Communicate easily through hiring manager review and interview scorecards.
Take control of your hiring process with real-time reports, analytics and insights.

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