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Fastway Forward: Revolutionising Logistics Recruitment with Occupop

Discover how Fastway Couriers transformed their recruitment process with Occupop, achieving a 40% faster hiring cycle, €30,000 annual savings, and enhanced hiring quality.

Fastway Forward: Revolutionising Logistics Recruitment with Occupop
40% Reduction in time-to-hire
€30,000 reduction in annual recruitment costs
Enhanced collaboration with HR team
Instantly improve your hiring using Occupop
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Fastway Forward: Revolutionising Logistics Recruitment with Occupop

The Challenge


Inefficient Recruitment Processes

Before adopting Occupop, Fastway Couriers relied on an outdated Applicant Tracking System (ATS) that was missing crucial features needed for efficient modern recruitment. This old system led to time-consuming manual processes and potential errors, slowing down the handling of many applications, which is common in the logistics sector.

Key issues included:

Time-Consuming Admin Work: The HR team had to manually handle tasks like entering applicant data, scheduling interviews, and communicating with candidates. This was particularly challenging due to the small size of their HR team.

Slow Responses: The lack of automated processes made it difficult for Fastway to quickly fill important vacancies, which are essential for keeping their operations running smoothly.

Lack of Effective Collaboration Tools

The recruitment system used by Fastway Couriers made it difficult for the HR team and hiring managers to work together effectively. This often resulted in poor communication and delays in making decisions.

Collaborative challenges included:

Misaligned Hiring Goals: Different departments sometimes had different priorities, which weren't always communicated well to the HR team.

Delayed Feedback: Without a way to quickly share feedback, it was hard to move forward with hiring decisions swiftly, crucial for meeting the company’s operational needs.

Outdated Technological Infrastructure

The technology Fastway used was no longer suitable for their needs as it couldn’t support a streamlined and effective recruitment process.

Technological limitations were evident in:

Limited Customisation Options: The old system didn't offer the flexibility needed to adapt to the specific requirements of the logistics industry.

Poor System Integration: The system’s inability to integrate well with other HR and operational platforms made it difficult to share data and maintain continuity in processes.

Fastway Forward: Revolutionising Logistics Recruitment with Occupop

The Solution


The quest for a new recruitment solution led Fastway Couriers to Occupop, chosen for its intuitive design and robust feature set. Occupop's appeal lay in its:

  1. User-Friendly Interface: Ensuring quick adaptation for the HR team.
  2. Comprehensive Features: Facilitating a more streamlined recruitment process.
  3. Rapid Deployment: Occupop's swift setup enabled immediate improvements in recruitment activities. Andy McNulty remarked,
Occupop's immediate implementation was seamless, propelling our recruitment capabilities forward almost overnight."

Fastway Forward: Revolutionising Logistics Recruitment with Occupop

The Result


Top Pain Points Solved

The adoption of Occupop brought about transformative changes at Fastway Couriers:

  1. Process Efficiency: Automation reduced the recruitment cycle by 40%, enabling quicker hires. The software's ability to streamline workflows significantly cut down on manual interventions.
  2. Collaboration Enhancement: Occupop introduced features that improved internal communications and decision-making. The 'thumbs up/down' feedback system was particularly beneficial, as noted by McNulty: "This feature alone has revolutionised how quickly we make decisions, keeping our operations agile."
  3. Cost and Time Savings: The new system led to a direct saving of approximately €30,000 annually on recruitment expenses. The reduction in manual tasks freed up significant HR resources. McNulty estimated, "We're likely saving hundreds of hours per year, which is invaluable."
  4. Recruitment Quality: The overall quality of hires improved, with faster screening processes and better candidate fit. "With Occupop, we're not only faster but smarter in how we recruit," McNulty added.with further expansions planned in 2025.

Fastway Couriers' partnership with Occupop has not only streamlined their recruitment process but also positioned them for future growth and expansion. As they look forward to a continued relationship with Occupop, the focus remains on enhancing their recruitment capabilities to support the company's long-term strategic goals.

Occupop's impact on Fastway Couriers highlights the importance of selecting the right technological tools to address specific operational challenges. This case study serves as a testament to how innovative solutions like Occupop can transform recruitment processes, leading to significant operational improvements and cost efficiencies.

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