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Create a free account and personalise your recruiter profile.
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Our job market has all the latest job postings from hiring companies who want to engage with recruiters.
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Recruiters get email notifications when a new job in their sector is posted.
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Pitch to win new business. Some roles are more straightforward than others, set the price that works for you.


Occupop was built by recruiters so we know the pains involved with unresponsive clients and slow hiring managers. That’s why we have created a double interface.
Working with PSLs? Bypass the job market and receive jobs straight to your dashboard
Now you can track and manage the job process with real-time visibility into the hiring company’s activity.
We have made it even easier to engage new clients that want to work with you.
High performance stats will expose you to lots of new clients.



Complete your profile entirely
Hiring Managers will look at your profile when reviewing your bid so make sure you have your most charming smile on in the photo along with a detailed description of your experience.
Bid on the job that is relative
to your specialist sector
Hiring Managers are not likely to accept a bid on a tech role from a recruiter focused on sales and marketing jobs!

Do Not

Send CVs directly to Hiring Managers
The platform is here to help you meet new clients and manage the hiring process so it is essential that you send CVs to clients on the Occupop platform. Occupop does not share any data, all information is provided exclusively to the client. Users in breach of this rule will be issued with a warning and could face being blocked from the system.
Make unsolicited contact with clients
Clients use the marketplace to engage with recruiters in an instant, it is not an invitation for telephone calls. If users are found contacting a client before a bid has been accepted, they will be in breach of this rule and will face being blocked from the system.


Is Occupop completely free to use?

Yes indeed, you heard correctly. Occupop offers free membership to Recruitment Agencies. In return, we simply ask that you respect the rules.

What is a bid?

A bid is a proposal that you put together and send to a potential client. The bid includes a summary of your relevant skills and the rate which you are proposing to work the role at.

Can I bid multiple times on one job?

The idea is that you take the bidding process seriously so only one bid is allowed. So make it count!

Can other recruiters see my bids?

No. Only the client will be able to see and review your bid proposal.

Can I contact the client directly?

Yes of course. Once the client has accepted your bid and agreed to work with you then you can be in contact as much as necessary to fill the job. However, unsolicited contact prior to winning the job will be taken very seriously.

Is this a race to the bottom?

The concept of Occupop is freelance recruitment so that you have the power to choose what you work and at what value. Some jobs require more research than others so you decide what the job is worth.

Can I work roles exclusively?

Absolutely. The decision ultimately falls on the client but the power is in your hand. Put together a strong pitch and negotiate exclusivity.

Can I see how many other agencies are working these roles?

You are only able to see the roles you are working but ask the client to help further qualify the job.

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