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Ainscough achieves 3X the number of applicants for niche roles with Occupop

Ainscough scales to new heights by streamlining hiring & sourcing top talent for niche roles. Occupop guides the crane company to hiring success by improving efficiency and attracting quality applicants and hiring great people, fast.

Ainscough achieves 3X the number of applicants for niche roles with Occupop
12 Days reduction in time to hire
364% increase in applicants
3X more quality applicants
Instantly improve your hiring using Occupop
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Ainscough achieves 3X the number of applicants for niche roles with Occupop

The Challenge


Before Occupop, Ainscough was stuck with a clunky piece of legacy software and using it was very time-consuming for their busy HR department. The company faced a number of challenges with the old ATS system:

• Slow, bulky and difficult to use with lots unnecessary functionality

• Poor user interface

• Lack of job posting outlets, all done manually

• Poor candidate and user experience

• Poor exposure to the market

• Limited number of quality applications

Ainscough achieves 3X the number of applicants for niche roles with Occupop

The Solution


Make hiring simpler & more efficient with easy-to-use features

When Alex Rose, TA Business Partner at Ainscough first came into business, the company was using EBOS ATS, which was sluggish, and made amending processes very difficult, job board integrations were non existent which meant the company had to pay extra for each job board it wished to advertise on, and this was all done manually. Alex explains;

“I've used alot of ATS systems throughout my career and many of them are so complicated, you get all the bells and whistles, which for many HR teams are simply too many. In practice, you only use the same go-to features in your day-to-day.”

Today, all of Ainscough’s applications, candidate correspondence, and any internal hiring communications, are stored centrally in the Occupop system. With feedback from hiring managers and HR stored all in one place for every candidate, deciding who to interview is now a much quicker process. Personalised, automated email templates make it easy to keep candidates in the loop, and candidates invited to the next stage of the process is done in one click. The drag and drop feature makes moving candidates so simple across each stage of the process for the whole hiring team, regardless of their experience with using candidate management tools

Attract 3x more quality applicants

Before Occupop, Ainscough had several business-critical vacancies that were typically taking between 26-44 days to fill. The number of applicants was low, typically ranging from between 10-17 per role, with the quality of applicants in most cases was not up to scratch. Since implementing Occupop, they are attracting over three and a half times more candidates for a number of their roles. The time to hire has been slashed from over a month to just under 2 weeks.

Ainscough achieves 3X the number of applicants for niche roles with Occupop

The Result


We wanted a platform that was easy to deploy with fast, personalised customer care and support. What we got was amazingly effective ATS, delivered by the Occupop team with celebrity customer treatment. I have been so impressed with the system that I've recommended Occupop (and the team) to many others. It's dead easy to use, saves us a lot of time through improved processes and just makes my life easier as the HR lead.

The pricing offers good value for money, I’ve yet to come across a system that offers more features at that price point, so the fact that I’m not spending a ton of money on it is a beautiful thing.

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