Beacon Hospital

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Beacon Hospital

The Beacon Hospital, Ireland's fastest-growing private hospital, needed an adaptable recruitment software that would suit their ongoing hiring requirements and expansion whilst saving administration time and reducing time-to-hire.

Beacon Hospital
Saved 10 hours a week on recruitment admin
Improved candidate quality
Reduction in time-to-market & time-to-hire
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Beacon Hospital

The Challenge


Michael Farrell, Head of HR Beacon Hospital and his team needed a system to put order into the recruitment process. They found finding an efficient, streamlined process was a particular challenge as numerous people are involved in their recruitment and everything was being done via email and on spreadsheets. This also presented a challenge in regards to GDPR.

Beacon Hospital

The Solution


Occupop offered the Beacon HR team one centralised platform that they and the individual hiring managers could use to ensure a greatly improved recruitment process for both staff and candidates. They were also able to develop a careers page and adaptable workflows that suited process.

Beacon Hospital

The Result


Michael and his team have reduced their recruitment admin by approximately 10 hours a week due to the reduction of time when posting jobs, scheduling interviews and obtaining hiring manager feedback. Further to this, Occupop has allowed them to manage and keep on top of their rapid expansion due to the platform developing and growing with their recruitment needs.

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