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HFH Healthcare finds more healthcare staff and reduces time to hire by 60% with Occupop

Discover how HFH Healthcare achieved remarkable growth in the UK healthcare industry through streamlined recruitment processes with Occupop. Learn how they reduced hiring time, improved quality, and achieved productivity gains in this success story.

HFH Healthcare finds more healthcare staff and reduces time to hire by 60% with Occupop
60% reduction in time to hire
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HFH Healthcare finds more healthcare staff and reduces time to hire by 60% with Occupop

The Challenge


In the dynamic healthcare sector, HFH Healthcare faced a crucial challenge of rapidly and efficiently expanding their team while wrestling with a cumbersome recruitment process. This case study delves into HFH Healthcare's journey of overcoming these obstacles and achieving remarkable growth, all made possible with the assistance of Occupop, a user-friendly recruitment software tailored for small to mid-sized businesses.

Founded on a commitment to excellence, HFH Healthcare's core mission is to provide home-based, high-dependency complex care to those in need. Their unwavering dedication to patients has led to substantial growth in their workforce and service offerings. With 600 employees across the UK, an annual hiring range of 200-300, and a compact HR team of 6, HFH Healthcare has made a significant impact on the lives of individuals and families in the UK requiring specialised care services.

HFH Healthcare faced a pivotal challenge: the need to scale their team efficiently. With the demand for their services on the rise, the company's existing recruitment process was proving to be a bottleneck. The primary issue lay in the use of multiple recruitment platforms that lacked integration.

Miluja Gurusinghe, their head of Recruitment and Compliance noted, "We were using different platforms separately, and it took time to go through all the different sites." The disjointed approach hindered the recruitment process, made it time-consuming, and posed challenges in achieving the desired level of staff growth.d matters. Miluja expressed, "GDPR was introduced, but with no prior processes in place, I was unable to ensure compliance without a system to assist."

HFH Healthcare's commitment to delivering top-tier healthcare services to their clients translated into ambitious plans for workforce expansion. They needed a streamlined and efficient recruitment process to fulfill these growth targets successfully. The ability to quickly find, select, and onboard the right talent became essential in meeting their growing staffing needs.

HFH Healthcare finds more healthcare staff and reduces time to hire by 60% with Occupop

The Solution


Search for a Solution

To address their recruitment challenges, HFH Healthcare initiated an extensive search for a solution. They scoured the internet, researched numerous options, and explored various recruitment platforms. The central challenge they needed to overcome was the integration of multiple job boards, efficient scheduling of interviews, and seamless integration with Microsoft Outlook.

Amid their quest for an effective solution, HFH Healthcare observed that similar companies within the healthcare industry were successfully leveraging Occupop. The platform had garnered a reputation for streamlining recruitment processes and delivering results. HFH Healthcare's decision to choose Occupop over other alternatives was driven by the platform's potential to alleviate their recruitment challenges and drive efficiency.

Rapid Implementation

Occupop's implementation at HFH Healthcare was remarkably swift and seamless, ensuring minimal disruption to their existing operations. The customer success team got the platform live almost immediately, allowing the company to harness its capabilities rapidly. Miluja Gurusinghe emphasises her experience with the customer success team:

What really sets Occupop apart is its customer success team. They're incredibly responsive and helpful. Whenever we have a question or need assistance, they're there to help us out. Miluja Gurusinghe, Recruitment & Compliance Manager

HFH Healthcare finds more healthcare staff and reduces time to hire by 60% with Occupop

The Result


With the adoption of Occupop, HFH Healthcare experienced a transformative shift in their recruitment processes, leading to remarkable outcomes. The recruitment process became significantly more efficient, thanks to Occupop's automation features that streamlined tasks and reduced the reliance on manual work. The most substantial impact was observed in the time required for interviews and hiring, which dramatically decreased from an extended 6 weeks to a highly efficient 2-3 weeks. This accelerated hiring timeline not only promptly met the growing staffing needs but also improved the overall quality of hires. The HR team at HFH Healthcare witnessed a surge in productivity, as Occupop alleviated the burden of time-consuming administrative tasks, affording them the freedom to concentrate on more strategic and value-added responsibilities.

Looking ahead

Occupop played a pivotal role in helping HFH Healthcare achieve their company growth targets, particularly in the context of volume recruitment. The company's ambitious expansion plans became more attainable, thanks to the efficiency brought about by Occupop. Looking ahead, HFH Healthcare plans to further enhance their recruitment process by integrating Occupop with their CRM system. This integration will further optimise their recruitment processes and contribute to the company's future growth.

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