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Top Templates to Set Your Team Up for Hiring Success in 2024

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Top Templates to Set Your Team Up for Hiring Success in 2024
Orla Doyle
4 minute read
Hiring Hacks Series

As we start the final quarter of 2023, the main focus for many hiring teams is on hiring strategy and planning for the upcoming year. What are the recruitment plans for the year ahead? What do our hiring objectives look like? What resources do we need to reach them?  


In an effort to make this huge task slightly less scary, we’ve rounded up a bunch of free, customisable plug-and-play process templates that will help you streamline your HR operations for the year ahead. Pick what you need, add your own finishing touches and you're good to go.

Strategic templates

Get your team on the same page with clear and actionable strategic hiring plans, objectives and measurable KPI’s. Align on goals, build transparency, identify resources, and understand dependencies so your team is well placed for hiring success in 2024. 


Useful strategic HR templates: 


HR Strategy on One-Page Template

Effective HR strategic planning connects your organisational strategy to specific initiatives for the HR function. Use this template to help you write your HR strategic plan that will provide a clear roadmap on how HR contributes to business success.

Use this 1-page HR strategy planning template to:

  • Build a successful strategic plan for HR
  • Communicate your HR strategy accurately and clearly
  • Get Buy-In from all stakeholders and business partners
  • Execute your strategic HR objectives on time and within budget.


Download your HR strategy on one page template here.

Uncovering your EVP Story Template

With a tight labor market, hiring will be a challenge for most industries this year, as organisations try to complete for talent. One of the best ways to compete and differentiate your organisation is to focus on defining and improve your employer brand. To help you with this, we have created a template you can use to tell your company story, enhance your company's brand and recruitment efforts.

The concept of creating “a company story” can in itself, be a little vague and difficult to to attempt without a framework. With this template, easily identify points to focus on and craft a winning company story.

This template encompasses the following elements:

  • People
  • X-Factor
  • Learning & Development
  • Work Routines & Practices
  • Values
  • Social Buzz
  • Space & Location
  • Perks & Compensation


Download your EVP story template here.


HR KPI Dashboard Excel Template

This HR KPI Dashboard Excel Template contains all the frequently used performance measures required for busy Human Resources departments, including yearly comparisons, department comparisons, retention rates, turnover rates, trending charts and much more. Add your data and let the macros pull together all the information you need and it automatically generates different graphs for you.

This template encompasses the following elements:

  • Store and track all your employee's data in one Excel file.  
  • Have complete oversight of the HR function and current employees.
  • Analyse the key HR stats like retention rates, turnover rates, diversity rates etc.
  • Know the best channels for sourcing talent and where most candidates are coming from.
  • Create charts to compare different rates between departments.


Download a copy of the HR KPI dashboard template here.

Salary Benchmarking Reporting Template

In the current macro environment of soaring inflation, a cost-of-living crisis, and widespread unrest around pay, this year’s salary reviews will be in a much brighter spotlight than usual. With so much likely scrutiny around wages this year, HR need to ensure that their pay and benefits offering is at the right level to ensure you are attr5acting and retaining the best talent. For most, conducting a salary benchmarking exercise is how you ensure you are pitching at the right level. This Salary Benchmarking Report Template will help you formally set up and track salary benchmarking in your company and help you track internal progress, performance against competitors and how your processes rank against competitors.

This template encompasses the following elements:

  • A structured template to compile and manage your employee baseline salary data
  • A template to help you record market data to benchmark employee salaries against
  • Large numbers of employee salaries can now be automatically benchmarked using VLOOKUPS and formulas to reveal the pay gaps.

Download our Salary Benchmarking Reporting Template here to help you set up benchmarking data and identify pay gaps.


Time saving HR Administration templates

Part of any HR plan and strategy for 2023 should include ways of cutting down administration time for your HR team so they can focus their time on the more important things, your people. Whether you are a human resource generalist or the only HR professional at your organisation, these HR templates can help you save you time. 

Excel Hacks for HR Professionals

These Excel hacks for HR professionals will cut your working time by hours. Download this template for the most used Excel functions for HR professionals.

This Excel template includes the following Excel Functions:
  • Filtering data
  • SUMIFS Formulas
  • COUNTIFS Formulas
  • TODAY Formulas
  • DATEDIF Formulas
  • Data Validation
  • PivotTables

Download the excel hacks for HR template here.

13 Time-saving Email Templates for HR & Recruitment Teams

Streamline and improve your candidate communication with these 13 email templates for each stage of the hiring process.

Includes templates for all of the following stages:

  • First Touch Sourcing Email
  • Recruiting Emails
  • Interview Emails
  • Rejection Emails
  • Hiring Emails
  • Onboarding Emails
  • New Hire Announcements


Download a copy of the time-saving email templates for HR here.


Celebration templates

Your team worked hard this year year. They deserve to be recognised! Sending a gift, a thank you card, or sometimes even just a shoutout on a Slack channel can give your team the warm and fuzzy feeling. How about taking this a step further and holding an employee awards ceremony to celebrate?

Employee award ceremony presentation template

Employee Awards are a great way to recognise your employees and boost employee engagement in your organisation. Unfortunately, the majority of employee awards can be pretty boring. We suggest turning them into fun, engaging event that everyone in your company will love!

Download this employee award ceremony presentation template and:
  • Get fun, creative and thoughtful examples of employee awards you can use in your organisation
  • Access a free, editable, Oscars style employee awards presentation template you can use

Download a copy of the employee award presentation template here.

We hope these templates will help you on the journey to hiring success in 2024. Make sure to check out our blog post on the top trends that will shape HR in the coming year.


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