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Ideas for Fun Employee Awards

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Ideas for Fun Employee Awards
Orla Doyle
3 minute read
Employee Retention

Discover our top ideas for funny employee awards! Get some inspiration for fun employee recognition awards you can apply in your own company, in person or remotely this year. Real life examples, practical tips and an awards ceremony presentation template, all included!

Employee Recognition for a More Productive Workplace Environment 

Employee recognition can be a powerful tool in any manager’s toolkit. It's surprising that many managers actively avoid giving recognition and praise for a job well done. Employee recognition is the key to employee satisfaction in the long term by boosting office morale and helps keep employees motivated and engaged.


A simple, cost effective and fun way to do this is with employee awards. Awards can be a great way to lighten up what has been a disruptive year for all, with Covid-19 and many people still working remotely.


First of all, we've got a few tips to help you come up with a creative and humorous awards ceremony you can host in person or remotely, to help you boost productivity and lighten things up at the office.

Top Tips for Holding Employee Awards

Tip 1 – Open up office participation

Get people involved from the beginning. You could also ask them to nominate and vote candidates for each category. As a bonus, this will make the entire process more like an actual awards event.


Tip 2 – Throw a party!

Employee awards tie in well with end of year Christmas parties and can add a boost of fun and engagement and a great talking point. So, whether you are able to hold an in-person party or a remote one, make sure to download our Oscars style, Fun Employee Awards Presentation Template to help you with this.


Tip 3 – Give prizes

What's an award ceremony without actual awards to go with? In-line with the light theme of these awards, you should aim for funny yet meaningful prizes. For instance, a bubblehead of an employee could go rather well with the “Best Head of Sales” award. Or, a simple Oscars style award trophy that employees can cherish on their desks, as per Michael Scott!


Fun Employee Awards Ideas


So far, we've seen a bunch of companies who seem to have gotten the funny employee awards down. Below are a few of these to give you some inspiration.


1.      “Most Likely” Awards


This comes in first because it's simple, funny, and you can take it in whatever direction most suits your company. Perhaps, you've got an employee who always seem to talk his/her way out of difficult situations, a “most likely to become the next Prime Minister” award wouldn't be so random in this company.

More ideas could be:

  • most likely to be famous
  • most likely to win an Olympic gold
  • most likely to start a meme
  • most likely to rid the world of plastic


2.      The “Foodie” Award


Every office has that one person who is an authority in fine dining. No one else measures up to them. They’ve got the 411 on the best coffee place close to the office, the best place to pick up fresh pastries, and they’re always available to give out recommendations on the subject. You will agree this person is highly appreciated for their knowledge and an award wouldn't be a bad idea at all.



3.      The “Bird” Awards


It's interesting how there's more than one bird award out there. Oh well, this works out rather well for most companies. You could give out an “Early Bird” award to the employee who is always punctual to the office and for meetings – online and offline.


4.      The “Office Mammy/Daddy” Award


There's always that warm, amiable person in the office everyone is so fond of. While they may not bring warm cookies and milk to the office daily, they remember important personal dates and always drop by to check on others. You could even throw in a ‘Valuable Team Player’ medal when presenting this award.


5.      The “Duct Tape” Award


You can probably think of someone in your office who seems like they’d be able to fix just about anything. Is the copier acting up again? Just call Jack. What about the coffee maker? Jack probably knows just what to do. We all have a Jack in the office and it will be an excellent idea to recognise them for all the good work they do.

Download our Fun Employee Awards Presentation Template for lots more creative ideas for employee awards! This is an easy-to-use Oscars style template that you can edit, full of award ideas to help you connect and engage with your team.

Prioritise a Fun and Happy Workplace Culture for Your Employees


At this point, you're probably sold on improving engagement with your employees through employee awards. It's time to put this into practice. That's where we come in.

At Occupop, we’re all about providing you with the right tools to make your workplace a productive and safe space for your employees. Check out our resources section of our website for more time saving templates for HR professionals, industry reports, guides and much more.

Now, have fun at your employee awards ceremony this year!  


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