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The Top Recruitment & HR Podcasts You Should Listen To in 2022

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The Top Recruitment & HR Podcasts You Should Listen To in 2022
Orla Doyle
4 minute read
Talent Acquisition

You can listen to a podcast on almost any topic - but there are a few gems in the recruitment and HR space. To help you navigate through the podcast jungle, we've compiled our top 10 HR favourites - an eclectic mix of HR and business topics to help you think outside the box. Check them out!

In an era where trends are constantly changing, keeping up to date with the changes in your industry is an integral part of your job, whether you are a recruiter, HR manager, or executive. Due to the large amount of information, you need to make the most of your time. Podcasts can provide you with knowledge on relevant topics without much effort, they can provide useful insights and they are (usually!) free! For breakfast, on the way to work or during your lunch break: we have scoured the vast universe of HR and recruiting podcasts and gathered a delightful selection of entertaining and informative podcasts that you can listen to during your spare time.

Alright, are you ready?

In no particular order, here are our picks of some of the best HR and recruiting podcasts out there in 2022.


HR Happy Hour

HR Happy Hour is a must-have on any best-of HR podcast list. One of the most popular and best-known HR podcasts has a long tradition: It has focused on informing HR professionals about the most important HR, management, and technology trends since 2009. Hosted by HR technology guru Steve Boese, the show features a range of guests, including HR managers, consultants, and authors, who discuss some of the most current and challenging topics in today's workplace. A good example is artificial intelligence.

What we enjoy about the podcast:

The podcast episodes are diverse, entertaining, and challenging. A good blend of current research and practical advice to help HR managers advance their companies.

A great episode: How to Turn the Great Resignation into the Great Attraction: In this episode, Steve and Trish meet with Nagaraj Nadendla, SVP of Development from Oracle Cloud HCM, to discuss the Great Attraction trend as a continuation of the Great Resignation.


Recruiter Startup

An HR podcast for HR professionals - The podcast, hosted by Dualta Doherty, a recruitment specialist who works with high-growth recruiting companies, is intended to equip listeners with the skills they need to "start up, expand, and administer a world-class recruitment company." Have you ever wondered how other countries handle recruitment? Take a listen to Dualta: He interviews Agency Recruitment leaders from across the world in his episodes, talking about recruiters' experiences, problems, victories, losses, and risks, as well as how they tackled each issue in their own unique way.

What we enjoy about the podcast:

The host has an uncanny ability to connect with his numerous notable guests, with themes ranging from lead engagement to the digital marketing recruiting area.

A great episode: Rhonda D’Ambrosio & Siobhan Kelly – Mental Health in Recruitment: Dualta talks with Rhonda and Siobhan about depression, suicide, and other mental health issues and uncovers the downside of the fast-paced recruitment industry.



This podcast is ideal for individuals who have little time yet want to stay current. As the name implies, the seven to fifteen minute episodes focus on the most recent trends in recruiting. Caitie McCollow, the host, shares easy-to-implement ideas and tactics on how to optimize your own hiring process and remain ahead of the game in the episodes, which air daily during the week.

What we enjoy about the podcast:

The podcast is vibrant, concise, and significant all at the same time. Because the episodes are split down to the most critical points and are simple to comprehend, you can learn on the move.

A great episode: 9 Benefits of Talent Analytics And How To Use It: this episode explains how companies can use software to understand what motivates their workers and potential hires, as this information is essential for adopting strategies that improve performance and productivity.


The #Worktrends podcast is best for everyone who has been in HR for years and ready to look towards the future. Join presenter Meghan M Biro on the TalentCulture #WorkTrends podcast as she discusses how work is evolving. You'll get all the news you need to keep current, as well as hear what drives prominent experts, HR tech suppliers, and HR practitioners.

What we enjoy about the podcast:

The episodes truly transmit knowledge-on-the-go: the topics covered with various speakers in the episodes distill relevant information and insights into actionable solutions. Plus, there is a Twitter Chat available as well!

A great episode: Courageous Cultures: How to Build Teams of Micro-Innovators, Problem Solvers and Customer Advocates: #worktrends takes up the topic of employee empowerment and why it is essential for an innovative and competitive workplace.


Redefining HR

Redefining HR is a podcast that delves into the cutting-edge of all things talent - HR, people operations, recruiting, and so on (formerly 21st Century HR). Every week,  the host Lars Schmidt meets with prominent thinkers and doers in the area to learn how they develop their teams, what motivates them, and where we can improve. It's a conversational style that brings actual thoughts, expertise, and stories from a diverse group of business and talent executives from across the world.

What we enjoy about the podcast:

The host does an excellent job of highlighting his guests' unique stories and accomplishments to the industry in each of the episodes. The forward-thinking concepts on this show will undoubtedly change people's perceptions of the field.

A great episode: The Value of Partnership Between CEO and Chief People Officer: Lars meets with Eventbride’s Julia Hartz and David Hanrahan to talk about the dynamics of this powerful working relationship between a company’s CEO and Chief People Officer.


My HR future

David Green hosts the podcast and video series My HR Future. Green speaks with a variety of HR specialists who are advancing a data-driven and digital HR agenda. People leaders who are leading transformation in their own businesses will speak on how HR can prepare for the future of work.

What we enjoy about the podcast:

The themes of the episodes range from data-driven HR to job reinvention to digitalization. A colorful combination of interviews that provide valuable insights on how HR changes.

A great episode: What Will the Future of HR Look Like in 2030?: Isabelle Chappuis and Gabriele Rizzo talk about their fascinating book “HR Futures 2030” and cover their 10 traits for the future of work in HR and key disciplines that HR leaders need to consider to be successful in 2030 and beyond.


The Chad & Cheese podcast

The Chad & Cheese Podcast isn't your standard recruitment podcast, that's for sure. Take a peek at the podcasts' frequently amusing episode names, such as "Suck It, LinkedIn! Salesforce Acquires Slack".

The hosts, Joel Cheesman and Chad Sowash, refer to it as "HR's most dangerous podcast." When you give it a listen for yourself, you'll immediately see that the phrase is spot on. When discussing the latest news in recruitment, human resources, and employment, the two effervescent industry professionals don't hold back. So, if you want a podcast to be short and to the point, this is one you should listen to.

What we enjoy about the podcast:

Chad & Cheese are direct. That is, they express precisely what is on their minds. Without filters, straight from the heart, and without embellishment.

A great episode: Kill The Resume?: Chad & Joel talk with Maya Huber, co-founder and CEO of Skillset, an Israeli-based job skills test platform. Listen to the episode to find out if they can invalidate the statements that resumes are dead, sourcing is pointless and ATS have failed us.  We don't want to reveal whether the statement has been debunked - but be sure to check out our blog about the benefits of an ATS here!

Recruiting Future

In Recruiting, Recruitment Marketing, and HR Technology, there is room for innovation and futurology. Quite perhaps the most popular interview-based podcast for top talent acquisition and HR executives in the globe. Matt Alder conducts interviews with thought leaders who are influencing and altering an industry, many of whom have a global reputation for innovation.

What we enjoy about the podcast:

An incredible 400 episodes and no two are alike. A podcast with exciting guests who look at HR from different angles and rewrite the future of human resources.

A great episode: Perfecting The Candidate Experience: Matt talks with Carlos Fernandez, Director of Talent Acquisition of Houston Methodist (Healthcare) about the critical difficulties delivering a high-quality candidate experience while facing many recruiting challenges at the same time.


The Recruiting Brainfood Podcast

The Recruiting Brainfood Podcast features a charming and insightful host in Hung Lee, who is skilled at making every viewpoint and topic in  HR & Recruitment sound engaging and interesting - even the driest ones. Hung Lee speaks Recruitment business for 60 minutes each week with his guests, ensuring 'aha moments' when you least expect them.

(Also, Hung compiles a super in-depth, on-the-pulse newsletter weekly, ‘This Week in Recruiting’ available to subscribe to on LinkedIn.)

What we enjoy about the podcast:

The episodes, cover anything from tools to technology to applicant experience and everything in between. Insights, advice, and a look ahead in 60 minutes. In his own words, Hung Lee ensures you gain “more signal, less noise” with the Recruiting Brainfood podcast.

A great episode: Some shameless self promotion! Check out our CEO and co-founder Caroline Gleeson on Hung’s airwaves as part of the Founders Focus series here.

The Talent Cast

Perhaps, one of the most fascinating HR & Recruiting podcasts out there. Listening to this podcast is risky because it makes you rethink your methods, best practices, and everything you've been doing. Moving away from traditional recruiting and employer branding and toward innovative concepts with the goal of disrupting HR.  

What we enjoy about the podcast:

After just one episode, you question your own way of working and your own convictions. What will our HR world look like after listening to the entire podcast? We're dying to find out!

A great episode: Your company is begging for employer branding: Does it sound familiar to you, that your company wants to attract more talents, but doesn’t want to spend more money? If you agree, than this is your must-listen episode.

Until next year!

(Ps. If you liked this podcast list, be sure to check out more great hiring hacks and insights on our blog, our top guides, templates and resources that will make your recruitment life easier!)


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Summary Points

The Top Recruiting & HR Podcasts You Should Listen To in 2022

  1. HR Happy Hour
  2. Recruiter Startup
  3. Recruitment-on-the-Go
  4. #Worktrends
  5. Redefining HR
  6. My HR future
  7. The Chad & Cheese podcast
  8. Recruiting Future
  9. The Recruiting Brainfood Podcast
  10. The Talent Cast

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