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Navigating SMB Hiring: Benefits of Specialised Recruitment Software ATS vs. HRIS

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Navigating SMB Hiring: Benefits of Specialised Recruitment Software ATS vs. HRIS
David Banaghan
4 minute read
Talent Acquisition

"Why buy a specialised recruitment software, when we could buy a software that tackles every HR task in our organisation?” We get this question a lot.

Many organisations waver between a dedicated recruitment software and an all-in-one HR platforms or HRIS that let them manage both recruitment and other HR processes.

At first glance, an all-in-one Human Resources Information System (HRIS) seems to be a convenient choice. But, for organisations that want to take recruitment to the next level, Occupop's specialist approach is the better fit. Here's why.

Unlocking Efficiency and Success: ATS vs. HRIS in SMB Hiring

In the ever-evolving landscape of recruitment, harnessing the power of technology has become paramount for businesses of all sizes. Small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) are no exception, as they strive to streamline their hiring processes, attract top talent, and grow sustainably. The tools at their disposal are abundant, but two prominent contenders stand out: Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) and Human Resources Information Systems (HRIS). In this comprehensive exploration, we delve into the benefits of these systems, comparing their features and uncovering their impact on SMB hiring.

ATS and HRIS: A Tale of Two Solutions

When it comes to managing the intricate dance of recruitment, both ATS and HRIS offer unique capabilities that cater to different aspects of the hiring journey. It's essential to understand their respective strengths and applications to determine which solution aligns better with your SMB's needs.


HRIS: Orchestrating HR Operations

While ATS focus solely on recruitment, we firstly take a look at HRIS systems, why are they appealing? The answer lies in one software, one bill. It’s simple and efficient. A HRIS or Human Resources Information System, takes a holistic approach, encompassing various HR functions. SMBs looking to streamline employee data management, payroll, benefits administration, and compliance typically gravitate towards a HRIS.

  • Centralised Employee Data: HR managers struggle with disorganised employee data. HRIS resolves this by providing a single repository for all employee-related information, simplifying access and minimising errors.
  • Effortless Payroll Processing: Many HR professionals also face challenges in payroll management. HRIS automates payroll processes, ensuring accuracy, on-time payments, and compliance with taxation laws.
  • Compliance Made Simple: For SMBs navigating the labyrinth of employment regulations, HRIS acts as a guiding light. By automating compliance checks and documentation, HRIS minimizes the risk of legal entanglements.
  • Performance Management: HRIS facilitates setting and tracking performance goals, enabling regular feedback and evaluations. A transparent performance management system fosters employee growth and contributes to a positive workplace culture.

What are the disadvantages of all-in-one HR software?

Despite its comprehensive approach to human resources management, a HRIS system does come with certain drawbacks. One of the notable disadvantages lies in its complexity, often requiring significant time and resources for implementation and training.

Additionally, HRIS systems might lack the specialised focus required for optimal talent acquisition, potentially leading to inefficiencies in recruitment processes. The all-encompassing nature of HRIS can also result in features that are not tailored to specific hiring needs, which might hinder agility and customisation.

Lastly, the cost associated with maintaining and upgrading a HRIS system can be substantial, making it a less viable choice for smaller businesses with tighter budgets.


Perhaps all-in-one systems aren't perfect, so what makes dedicated recruitment software the better choice for me?

ATS: Elevating Recruitment to New Heights

Advancing through the digital age, the power of recruitment software, particularly ATS, has become indispensable. ATS, or Applicant Tracking System, is a specialised software designed to optimise the end-to-end recruitment process. From sourcing, assessment to hiring, ATS platforms have revolutionised the way SMBs approach talent acquisition. Dedicated solutions take recruitment to the next level and some of the key features include:

  • Efficient Talent Sourcing: According to a recent survey by G2 78% of SMBs consider finding qualified candidates the most challenging aspect of hiring. ATS addresses this by automating candidate sourcing, thus expanding the reach of job postings and tapping into passive talent pools.
  • Streamlined Screening: Many HR professionals spend excessive time on resume screening. ATS tackles this by using AI-driven algorithms to shortlist candidates based on predefined criteria, reducing manual effort and improving the accuracy of selection.
  • Enhanced Collaboration: In SMBs, collaboration between team members is pivotal. ATS platforms facilitate seamless communication and collaboration among hiring stakeholders, from HR managers to interviewers, ensuring a coherent and efficient evaluation process.
  • Data-Driven Decision Making: ATS systems more offer detailed hiring metrics and reporting capabilities, empowering SMBs to make informed choices backed by real-time insights.

As an example, many of the features Occupop has developed for recruitment aren’t found in most all-in-one HRIS solutions. Examples of those features are:

Sourcing and attracting candidates:

  • Candidate sourcing
  • Job board posting
  • Social Recruitment
  • Career page building & hosting

Candidate Assessment:

  • Pre-screening questions & application forms
  • Interview scheduling & management
  • Candidate scorecards and evaluations

Hiring candidates:

  • Offer letters with a built-in approval process & e-signatures
  • Candidate background checks

Managing the recruiting process:

  • Customised hiring workflows
  • SMS interview reminders
  • Access rights and user permissions
  • Candidate source tracking
  • GDPR Compliance
  • Robust hiring metrics and analysis

All these features are typically found in a dedicated recruitment system, and as companies see their hiring needs change and grow, they will need to use some or all of these at some stage. What's more, dedicated solutions like Occupop keep expanding their functionality, fast. So with an ATS expect new recruitment features added regularly to keep your recruitment process moving along swiftly.

Making the Choice: ATS or HRIS?

The decision to opt for an ATS, HRIS, or both depends on the unique needs of your SMB. If hiring is the primary focus, an ATS can be the driving force behind efficient talent acquisition. Conversely, for a broader HR transformation, an HRIS system offers an all-encompassing solution.

Occupop: The ATS Solution that Transforms SMB Hiring

In the realm of ATS solutions, built specifically for small to mid sized organisations one name stands out—Occupop. With a deep understanding of SMBs' hiring challenges, Occupop emerges as a specialist ATS software that redefines recruitment dynamics.

  • Speed and Efficiency: Occupop's intuitive interface accelerates the hiring process, from job posting to candidate selection, reducing time-to-fill and enabling swift onboarding.
  • Advanced Metrics and Reporting: Harnessing the power of data, Occupop provides detailed hiring metrics and reports, enabling evidence-based decision-making and continuous improvement in recruitment strategies.
  • Seamless Collaboration: Built for teamwork, Occupop facilitates seamless collaboration among hiring stakeholders, ensuring everyone is on the same page throughout the hiring journey.
  • Customisation for SMBs: Recognising the unique requirements of SMBs, Occupop offers tailored solutions that align with your hiring goals and processes.
  • Integrations: Occupop integrates seamlessly with a multitude of HRIS systems, meaning you have a more robust hiring arm that integrates directly with your HRIS system. The list is growing all the time.

Download the ATS Buyers Guide here, a detailed guide for companies looking to invest in an ATS system.

Conclusion: A Future-Ready Approach to SMB Hiring

In the ever-competitive landscape of SMBs, staying ahead requires strategic decisions. The benefits of an ATS and an HRIS are undeniable, each catering to distinct aspects of recruitment and HR management. As you journey towards enhanced efficiency and sustainable growth, the tools at your disposal can redefine the trajectory of your SMB's success.

Elevate your SMB's hiring game with Occupop's cutting-edge ATS software. Discover how Occupop can transform your recruitment process—sign up today for a free 14 day trial. No credit card required.


About Occupop

Occupop is a beautifully simple recruitment software built for small and medium businesses. We empower our customers to become great at hiring through our smart hiring technology and suite of solutions that almost anyone can use. So whether you're a team of five or fifty, it only takes a few minutes to onboard your team members, set permissions, and start recruiting. If you think Occupop could be a good small business recruitment software solution for you, try it out today with a free 14-day trial.

Summary Points

Navigating SMB Hiring: Specialised Recruitment Software vs. HRIS Advantages

  • Streamlined Recruitment: Dedicated recruitment software offers efficient candidate sourcing, screening, and selection, enhancing the overall hiring process.
  • Tailored Solutions: Specialized software provides features precisely designed for talent acquisition, ensuring optimal results for SMBs.
  • Real-time Insights: Advanced metrics and reporting capabilities enable data-driven decisions, enhancing recruitment strategies.
  • Collaborative Edge: Recruitment software fosters seamless collaboration among stakeholders, facilitating an effective evaluation process.
  • Occupop's Innovation: Occupop, a specialist ATS solution, redefines SMB recruitment with speed, metrics, collaboration, and customization.
  • Holistic HR Operations: HRIS caters to broader HR functions, but might lack the precision needed for optimal talent acquisition.
  • Complexity Concerns: HRIS systems can be intricate to implement and maintain, potentially hindering efficiency and agility.
  • Budget Implications: Costly maintenance and upgrades of HRIS systems can be challenging for smaller businesses with limited resources.
  • Choice Matters: Making the right choice between specialized recruitment software and HRIS depends on SMBs' unique needs and goals.

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