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The HR and Recruitment Tactics of Successful Remote and Hybrid SMBs

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The HR and Recruitment Tactics of Successful Remote and Hybrid SMBs
David Banaghan
3 minute read
The Future of Work

The next generation of entrepreneurs are shaping the business landscape and workplaces of the future with a shift towards remote and hybrid work models.

Recent data from gusto reveals that companies established in the last three years are more likely to operate as either fully remote (31%) or hybrid (47%). In contrast, less than half (43%) of businesses that were previously fully in-office have maintained that approach since the pandemic. This shift highlights the growing preference for flexible work arrangements and sets the stage for exploring the HR and recruitment tactics employed by successful remote and hybrid SMBs.

Performance Advantages of Fully Remote SMBs

Fully remote SMBs consistently outperform their fully in-office or hybrid counterparts across various indicators of success. According to the survey, remote SMBs demonstrate superior abilities in talent acquisition, culture building, achieving high performance, and employee retention. Notably, 40% of fully remote SMBs reported being "far above average" in building personal connections among workers, while only 33% of fully in-office and 24% of hybrid companies made the same claim. Additionally, 28% of fully remote SMBs excelled at achieving high employee performance, compared to just 13% and 14% of fully in-office and hybrid businesses, respectively.

Consistent Pay Rates for Remote Employees

Fully remote SMBs prioritise pay equity, regardless of their employees' location. The survey data highlights that almost three-quarters (73%) of these companies never or rarely differentiate employee compensation based on the country where they reside. Similarly, 82% of fully remote SMBs maintain pay consistency regardless of different states and time zones. This commitment to fair pay practices contributes to a positive remote work experience and fosters a sense of inclusivity within the organisation.


The Power of Flexibility for Higher Performance

SMBs that empower their employees with flexibility over their working hours reap significant benefits. Providing autonomy in determining workdays not only enhances overall performance but also enables access to high-quality talent while mitigating employee burnout. In contrast, companies that restrict flexibility over workdays are more likely to experience diminished performance and higher rates of burnout. The ability to accommodate flexible work arrangements is a key factor in attracting and retaining top talent in today's dynamic workforce.

The Rise of the 4-Day Workweek

Surprisingly, a notable percentage of SMBs in knowledge-based industries (10%) already offer a 4-day workweek, with an additional 14% considering its implementation. The survey results indicate that adopting a 4-day workweek does not significantly impact a company's ability to attract talent or reduce employee burnout. However, businesses offering a shorter workweek are 20% more likely to indicate they have maximized the benefits of remote work. This suggests that integrating a 4-day workweek with a flexible remote strategy can create a harmonious work environment that promotes productivity and work-life balance.

Essential Habits for Success

Successful remote and hybrid companies implement specific habits that contribute to their achievements. These include documenting knowledge and processes (not just standards of behavior), setting clear team goals, and conducting regular check-ins between managers and employees. By documenting knowledge and processes, companies ensure consistency and efficiency even in a distributed work environment. Clear team goals provide direction and alignment, fostering a collaborative and goal-oriented culture. Regular check-ins between managers and employees enable timely feedback, support, and performance evaluation, contributing to a sense of connectedness and accountability.

Trusting Employees Yields Positive Results

The top-performing remote and hybrid SMBs prioritise trust over surveillance when it comes to employee monitoring. The survey findings reveal that one in four SMBs monitors their staff, but these companies are less likely to experience the benefits of remote work. Furthermore, they are 16% less likely to perceive a positive impact of remote work on company performance. Trusting employees and providing them with autonomy fosters a sense of ownership and accountability, resulting in higher engagement, productivity, and job satisfaction.

The Power of Gratitude in Company Culture

A positive company culture goes beyond offering perks; it revolves around gratitude. Regularly expressing appreciation to teams and celebrating their accomplishments are vital components of a thriving culture. Even for fully remote companies, holding in-person gatherings is associated with excellent company culture. However, the survey indicates that consistently celebrating and giving kudos to staff is equally important. These acts of recognition and gratitude create a sense of belonging and motivation, enhancing employee satisfaction, and fostering a positive work environment.

Simplify Remote Recruitment with Occupop

As remote and hybrid work models gain prominence, efficient recruitment practices become essential for SMBs. To simplify the remote hiring process and streamline talent acquisition, consider leveraging a remote recruitment software such as Occupop. Occupop is one of the best applicant tracking systems for remote companies especially in the SMB space. With its advanced applicant tracking system and remote hiring capabilities for distributed teams, Occupop enables hiring managers and TA leaders to attract, assess, and onboard talent seamlessly. Visit www.occupop.com to learn more about how Occupop can help you simplify remote recruitment also see how Occupop helped PrepayPower move swiftly to a fully remote hiring model, during Covid-19.

In conclusion, successful remote and hybrid SMBs implement specific HR and recruitment tactics to excel in a dynamic and distributed work environment. By prioritising remote work advantages, offering consistent pay rates, providing flexibility, embracing the 4-day workweek, adopting essential habits, fostering trust, and cultivating gratitude, these companies achieve remarkable results. As remote and hybrid work models continue to shape the future of work, it is crucial for SMBs to adapt their HR and recruitment strategies to attract, retain, and engage top talent in a rapidly changing business landscape.

Summary Points

The HR and Recruitment Tactics of Successful Remote and Hybrid SMBs

  • Companies established in the last three years prefer fully remote (31%) or hybrid (47%) work models.
  • Fully remote SMBs outperform fully in-office or hybrid counterparts in talent acquisition, culture building, high performance, and employee retention.
  • Fully remote SMBs prioritise pay equity regardless of employee location.
  • Flexibility over working hours enhances performance and attracts high-quality talent.
  • 10% of knowledge-based SMBs offer a 4-day workweek, with 14% considering it.
  • Successful remote and hybrid companies document knowledge, set clear goals, and conduct regular check-ins.
  • Trusting employees leads to higher engagement, productivity, and job satisfaction.
  • Expressing gratitude and celebrating accomplishments foster a positive company culture.
  • Streamlining remote recruitment can be achieved using software like Occupop.

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