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Why You Need Recruitment Software by January 31st

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Why You Need Recruitment Software by January 31st
Eoghan Scully
3 minute read
Talent Acquisition

The beginning of the year is synonymous with fresh starts and planning for success.

While the festivities of the Christmas season are in the rear-view mirror by this point, January brings HR teams face to face with the daunting task of setting recruitment strategies for the year, commencing hiring drives, gearing up for performance reviews, and new year reporting – a challenging season for the profession.

If you're in the market for a Recruitment Software or Applicant Tracking System (ATS), procrastination could make an already busy period more complex. This article outlines compelling reasons to act promptly if you're evaluating, purchasing, or renewing recruitment software, emphasising why having a system in place by 31st January is crucial.

Budget Matters

For numerous tech purchases, timing aligns with budget cycles. As companies approve new-year budgets in the first quarter, now is the time for HR departments to secure funds for recruitment software. For many, if you wait until later, you risk not getting the capital approved for the project in time. Utilise any remaining budget earmarked for 2023, as unspent funds may lead to budget cuts for the coming year. 

Strategic Planning for the Year

The start of the year is a natural time for goal-setting and performance planning. Its a key time where HR teams assess current conditions in the first quarter and, by the fourth quarter, review key performance indicators (KPIs) and hiring plans for the next year. It's an opportune time to decide on the recruitment tools that will aid in attracting, engaging, and retaining talent for the year ahead. 

Allow Time for Implementation

Choosing and acquiring recruitment software isn't just a financial transaction – it involves implementation. Implementation timelines vary, and depending on the complexity of the software, the process can take weeks. Allocate time to communicate and roll out the new system to ensure a seamless transition.
Occupop implementations for SMB businesses typically take only a few days, with enterprise-level implementations potentially extending only a few weeks. A timely decision means reaping the benefits within the same quarter, providing a fresh start for the year ahead.

Building a Year of Insights

Launching recruitment software in January allows HR teams to execute new processes from day one. This way you benefit from having a full year of hiring data for evaluating progress and determining future recruitment needs. Hiring gaps and talent strategies are typical decided in December and take effect in January, necessitating a full year of recruitment data for informed hiring decisions. While it's possible to implement a system mid-year, starting in January aligns with the cascade of tasks triggered by goal-setting, providing a cleaner and more efficient process.


Boost Employee Adoption

The beginning of the year is associated with fresh starts and resolutions. Employees are often more receptive to new workflows and initiatives. Planning new technology purchases at the start of the year ensures a fresh rollout, aligning with the mindset for change that accompanies the start of the year. Teams and individuals are primed for change, expecting something new at the beginning of the year.

In summary

In conclusion, adopting Recruitment Software or an Applicant Tracking System in January is a strategic move that aligns with budget cycles, goal-setting processes, and the overall rhythm of HR activities.

Taking timely action ensures a seamless implementation process, builds a full year of insights, and positions hiring teams for success in managing recruitment throughout the year. As the new year unfolds, make informed decisions early to navigate the challenges and opportunities in the evolving landscape of workforce management.

Looking for a guide to help you choose the right ATS for your business? Download The Ultimate Applicant Tracking System Buyer's Guide here.


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Summary Points

Optimising Recruitment Success in 2024: The benefits of the Implementation of Recruitment Software by 31st January

  • Align recruitment tools strategically with the new year for improved talent management.
  • Secure funds early in the first quarter to circumvent budget constraints for your HR projects.
  • Reap the benefits of seamless implementation, kickstarting the year on a fresh note.
  • Capture hiring insights from day one, shaping recruitment strategies for ongoing success.
  • Ensure employee adoption of new workflows by leveraging the fresh start mentality in January.

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